By Ray Everett, Chief Privacy Intelligence Officer, Data Secrets

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Data discovery is valuable, but smarter tools are needed to understand the stories — the secrets — that data lineage and application lineage have to tell about the risks your enterprise must manage.

When the first privacy-centric risk and compliance solutions were hitting the market around 2010, there was great hope that strategic application of the latest technologies would turn the tedium of privacy and data governance into a breeze. Unfortunately, more than a decade later the dreams of truly automated solutions are still largely unfulfilled, leaving privacy professionals not only more work, but with growing blind spots in critical areas of their data environments.

Data transfers across complex webs of cloud and SaaS applications, tangles of APIs, and poor visibility into how data…

Data Secrets

Data Secrets is the world’s first AI-driven platform to make Data Privacy Compliance easy, fast and scalable for the enterprise.

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